Getting Started and Ramp Up Course

We require all new members of CrossFit Mildenhall to do an initial assessment so we can gauge their abilities. This is as simple as showing up to one of our sessions and introducing yourself to one of our coaches. Once we know what level you are at we can either allow you to start with normal workouts or attend one of our ramp up courses. This is to insure everyone who begins CrossFit will do so without injuring themselves. If you've participated in CrossFit at a registered affiliate under the tutelage of a (minimum) Level 1 Certified instructor for at least one year, you should be okay. If you're completely new to CrossFit, you can mostly likely plan on attending the Ramp Up Course.

If you would like to start with us please send us an email at We don't check it EVERY day, so please be patient.

The next Ramp Up Course will be held 21 - 25 October w/ Coach Tony.
The Ramp Up Course is designed to familiarize you with ranges of motion, the Olympic lifts, proper techniques, safety, and a general understanding of CrossFit methodologies. A basic proficiency in these movements is required before attending the daily group workout.

Starting 30 Sept 13, everyone who participates w/ CrossFit Mildenhall must sign a liability waiver. This waiver will be maintained on file at the box and is good indefinitely.