Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Push Press, 5 X 5
Work up to heaviest possible 5 rep max
Last 5 reps should be about 75 - 80% 1RM


"CrossFit Central Manchester Games Wod 2"

For max reps, with a continuously running clock, complete the following:

2 min row for distance - distance count stops @ exactly 2 min mark, not when the distance counter stops after the last pull
1 min rest
1 min alternating pistols - sub w/ X 3 air squats
1 min rest
1 min Dubs - sub w/ X 3 singles
1 min rest
1 min Snatch @ 65/135# - scale weight as necessary
- record total number of reps of each movement and add them together for total WoD score

Should only need to set up 1 bar and have 45, 65, 95, and 135# available because only one person will be on the bars at a time. Please reset the weights after use and/or help the next person load their weights.
Only one person should be doing each movment at a time, in order, moving like an assembly line.

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